Logos are meaningful symbols — an outward and visual sign signifying the essence of what a company or organization is all about.

 Each logo is a custom creation, starting from thoughtful research and sketches — and then rendered with a sensitivity to what the client’s objective is and what is to be communicated though type, color and image. Logos involve a process; one that starts with simply listening to goals and ideas that turn into concepts and eventually the creation of what will be the shining star of a company or organization. I have collaborated on many projects with Julie Sullivan, a truly talented designer and an amazing friend.


I am fortunate to work with a wide range of clients in all stages of their brand and business.

My my goal is always the same: Providing exceptional service and an end product that makes your business thrive. Brand integrity and business success wouldn’t be complete without marketing materials. I offer brochures, websites, direct mail, social media and a range of promotional materials — all in line with your new or current branding and with highest quality and attention to detail. Consistency and a professional look can take your business to the next level. 


Publishing provides a communication channel between company and client, tailored to the specific needs of each individual project.

I work with all manner of publications: such as consumer guides, event programs, brochures, books and other media include a combination of text, images and organized data to inform the viewer, communicating information in a variety of formats.



Website design combines images, text and other content in an online digital format for displaying a portfolio, brochure/informational sites and merchant sites to sell products.

A variety of formatting and design skill are utilized in building a website. Moreover, understanding the needs of a client and communicating them effectively through an online medium is my primary focus.


As a diverse and experienced artist, there's no limit to what can be brought to the table.

Postcards, stickers, signs, vehicle graphics, slide presentations, brochures and any other number of promotional materials can be hand-crafted and brought to life.